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Cultura Nights brings Tucson together for immigrant rights

By staff

Participants in Cultura Nights event.

Tucson, AZ – On Sept. 30, Tucson’s immigrant rights action committee L.U.P.E (Spanish acronym for United Struggle of Parents and Students) held its monthly Cultura Nights event.

The event presented the movie State of Arizona, a PBS documentary which chronicles the devastating effects of the racist SB1070 state law passed in 2010. The film exposes how the politicians who supported this oppressive law were guided by white chauvinism and anti-immigrant hate. At the same time, it is a very emotional movie, as it shows how immigrant families have since been subjected to racial profiling, indefinite detentions, family separation and a collective state of constant fear and persecution.

Local activist, Josue Saldivar commented on the importance of these types of events, “It is important to educate ourselves on these historical and political matters, and for spaces like these to be available to discuss laws and legislation that affects directly our immigrant communities in Arizona.”

PUENTE organizer and activist Carlos Garcia introduced the film as well as the Phoenix based Bazta Arpaio campaign. The campaign is currently boycotting Discount Auto Tire – owned by one of the richest capitalists in Arizona – due to its open support and contribution to the re-election campaign of Joe Arpaio, the most hated sheriff in the country.

After the screening, the discussion focused on L.U.P.E.’s eagerness to join the Bazta Arpaio campaign in order to bring awareness about this endorsement and take action as a means to fight back.

Gloria Valadez, member of L.U.P.E and organizer of the event added “Tonight’s Cultura Nights reminds us of what we are living through day after day and seeing it on the big screen relives those moments and continues to light the fire to continue la lucha. We have to organize ourselves so that whoever wins does right by the people.”

L.U.P.E action committee will continue to stand in solidarity with working class immigrant families in their struggle for justice and equality.

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