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Costa Rica celebrates Fidel Castro’s birthday and Cuban revolution

By staff

Event in solidarity with Cuba in San José, Costa Rica

San José, Costa Rica – A group of organizations gathered at the office of the UNDECA union in the center of the capital San José on the evening of August 12 to celebrate Fidel Castro Ruz’s 91st birthday. The Cuban Embassy in Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Committee in Solidarity with Cuba organized the event.

100 people participated in the celebration. Among them were members of pro-Cuba organizations, Cubans who live in Costa Rica, and diplomats from Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia.

The activity began with words from Bruno Coto, the coordinator of the Costa Rican Committee in Solidarity with Cuba, who saluted the Cuban revolution and its principal leader Fidel Castro Ruz. Then former Deputy Sergio Erick Ardón spoke, referring to his experiences and friendship with the Cuban revolution. Michel Ravelo also shared some words as representative of the Cuban embassy in Costa Rica, thanking people for their solidarity and commitment to the Cuban revolution and against the economic blockade of his country.

As part of the celebration, Magda Solís and Ana Robles, both members of the Costa Rican Committee in Solidarity with Cuba, presented a plaque for the Fidel Castro Ruz Library at the Liceo de Poas rural public secondary school. Due to the initiative of its librarian Vladimir Murillo, the library there will now be named after the commander in chief of the Cuban revolution.

Finally the activity ended with a party with cake and candles and singing “Happy birthday Fidel”, bringing together all the participants in showing affection and solidarity among all the peoples of Latin America.

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