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Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain: “Imperialism is the real virus that kills the people”

By staff

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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement by the Political Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de España).

While Europe is being declared to be in a pre-state of emergency due to the expansion of COVID 19, the troops of the imperialist invader are moving freely throughout the partner countries of the criminal NATO coalition. For them there are no restrictions or quarantines

In yet another of its arrogant imperialist displays, NATO is violating the sovereignty of the peoples and imposing its inherent criminal logic, preparing for a war of plunder and pillage of all natural resources and transport routes for the same, especially for oil and gas.

The Defend Europe 20 (Defense of Europe 2020) maneuvers, with tens of thousands of troops mobilized, with all their air and ground equipment, between the months of April and July, represent an expenditure which, without having been disclosed by the governments involved, will in no case be less than several billion euros.

Millions of euros that the imperialist powers will spend on these maneuvers, to prepare their troops for future scenarios of repression of the peoples, and forces us to improve our organization to fight them and to confront the interests of the oligarchy and the monopolies they defend.

Millions of euros will be deducted from the income of workers, while at this moment the European bourgeoisie and its governments are implementing a whole battery of measures to destroy productive forces and to oppress labor under the pretext of fighting against COVID 19.

Imperialism subjugates the peoples with all its violence, and these preparatory war maneuvers are proof of this fact.

Faced with imperialist aggressions in all its forms, economic and/or military, the PCPE emphasizes the need for the active and latent proletarian forces and popular classes to organize a broad front to defend our interests as a class and for all of humanity in its entirety. Blockades, sanctions, threats, sieges, military maneuvers..., are all “weapons of war” of imperialism against the people. Cuba, Venezuela, Korea, Yemen, Syria, Iran..., are the most active fronts today. A Europe lulled to sleep by a virus is going to be invaded again by NATO with the active complicity of its governments. In the face of the internationalist examples of the Chinese and Cuban medical brigades, we have NATO war exercises. A dichotomy between bombs and humanity that the Spanish government resolves by asking for NATO's help and showing which side it is on.


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