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Communist Party of Mexico blasts gasoline price hike

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Communist Party of Mexico (PCM). On Dec. 27, 2106 the Mexican government of President Peña Nieto announced an increase in the price of gasoline of up to 20% in 2017. Mexicans call this the gasolinazo , roughly translated as the gasoline disaster. Protests have broken out all over Mexico due to the hardship that this represents to the working class of Mexico. The Communist Party of Mexico (PCM) has been involved in organizing the fightback against this anti-popular measure. AGAINST THE “GASOLINAZO” AND THE INCREASE IN PRICES, AGAINST HUNGER AND POVERTY Down with the power of the monopolies!

Since the economic crisis of capitalism in 2008, the rights and gains of the workers of Mexico, and of the world, have been sacrificed to maintain the super-profits of the monopolies.

With the labor reform it was the exploiters who benefited, while the masses of laborers and workers have been thrown into slave-like conditions in the workplace with days that exceed 8 hours, wages that are barely enough to survive, with the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen when one reaches the age of retirement, living with daily uncertainty, without housing, without vacation, and without a future. To top it all off, now comes the issue of the privatization of health care.

Millions of our brother proletarians have been thrown into unemployment, with hunger and poverty hanging over the working class and the popular sectors in Mexico. There is not enough for the rent, for transport, medications, to send the children to school, and not even enough to eat.

But the monopolies are insatiable, the capitalist class is only interested in making more and more, and that's why his government has imposed the gasolinazo and the increase in prices.

The popular economy of the workers, and of working-class families, is quickly deteriorating. The miserable salaries aren’t sufficient with the high cost of living, the rising prices of food, public transport, and other necessities.

If we want to stop this suffering, we have to struggle, it is not easy, but it is essential! No one will do it for us, because the emancipation of the workers can only be the work of the workers themselves, and we have to stand up now. As always there will be false proposals, they will tell us that we should wait for the elections of 2018, sign a petition, that we dress in white, that we remain peaceful and do not upset the established order... But in this critical time there are only two sides: the side of the laborers and workers, and the side of the exploiters and their governments.

The Communist Party of Mexico calls on the organized struggle, to rise up, to stand up, to rebel. Let us join together to confront the power of the monopolies that is headed today by Peña Nieto, but to which ALL the bourgeois parties are accomplices. Let’s organize to confront these measures and the repression with which they seek to hold us back. Let’s organize to change this country, and implement the radical measures that are required, to form a power where the majority that produces, that works, that with their sweat and effort produces everything: let’s form a workers and popular power.

We salute all those who are occupying gas stations, roads, streets, squares and taking other measures. We need to transcend spontaneity. Rebellion is legitimate and necessary. The only law we recognize is that which gives justice to the workers and to the people, and we don’t defend laws that defend the property of the billionaires and their system of exploitation and death.

To fight, against the gasolinazo and the increase of prices, against hunger and poverty, against the power of monopolies, for workers and popular power …

Proletarians of all countries, unite! Communist Party of Mexico

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