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The Coalition to March on the RNC wins permits

By staff

Tampa, FL – The Coalition to March on the RNC successfully obtained permits to rally and protest in Tampa, Florida. The permitted rally and march on the Republican National Convention will start at 10:00 a.m., Monday, August 27, at Perry Harvey Sr. Park, 1200 North Orange Avenue, in Tampa.

On July 10, Tampa leaders of the Coalition to March on the RNC met with city officials. The Coalition is protesting the Republicans and demanding good jobs, healthcare, affordable education, equality and peace.

The City of Tampa granted the permits for the rallies and use of the official parade route and viewing areas within sight and sound of the Tampa Bay Times Forum, which is the convention center where the Republicans will meet. Jared Hamil of the Coalition said, “After months of organizing Florida-wide support for the march, after opposing the City of Tampa’s repressive ‘Clean Zone Ordinance,’ and then gaining national support by protesting against NATO in Chicago, the Coalition has succeeded in securing a permitted rally and march route within sight and sound of the RNC.”

At the meeting, Coalition members explained to city officials the logistics of the rally and march, which takes place on opening day of the Republican National Convention. Corey Uhl said after the meeting, “On August 27, thousands of protesters will march from Perry Harvey Sr. Park, through the streets of downtown Tampa to ‘Protest RNC Square,’ at the corner of South Nebraska Avenue and East Brorein Street, within sight of the Tampa Bay Times Forum.”

Hamil said, “The Coalition is planning a unified march with people representing groups from all over Florida and the country – including many labor unions, low-income and community organizations, anti-war groups, student, women and immigrant rights groups as well as faith-based equality groups. In unity there is strength and together protesters will be able to directly oppose the Republican agenda, as well as the agenda of the 1% – the wealthy funders of both political parties. The Coalition is here to demand government money be used for human needs, not corporate greed and wars overseas. Good jobs, healthcare, affordable education, equality, and peace – those are the people’s demands.”

On July 27, the Coalition and members across the state plan to hold rallies and press conferences to start the one-month countdown to the opening of the RNC.

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