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Clarksville, TN rally to demand Justice for Trayvon Martin

By Preston Gilmore

Clarksville, TN – 15 people rallied outside the public library on July 15 to demand justice for Trayvon Martin. People spoke about their outrage that racist murderer George Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges and of their desire to see him punished for his crime.

Holding a large banner that read “Justice 4 Trayvon Martin,” protesters began to march from the public library chanting, “No justice, no peace!” “What do we want? Justice for Trayvon! When do we want it? Now!” and “Tell the truth, stop the lies! Trayvon Martin didn’t have to die!”

As they marched around a several block area and circled back towards the public library, cars passing by honked, people threw their fists in the air out the windows and yelled words of encouragement. People came out of their homes and stopped their cars to talk to protesters and voice their concern over the state of affairs in a country that allows people like Zimmerman to racially profile, stalk and murder Black youth with impunity.

At the end of the rally a member of Students for a Democratic Society spoke, “We refuse to be silent while cops and racist vigilantes like George Zimmerman murder Black and Brown children. We want justice for Trayvon Martin and we want justice for Derek Williams, Kimani Grey, Ramarley Graham and all the Black youth whose names we don’t know who died at the hands of cops or racist cowards like George Zimmerman. We see that this case went to trial because people took to the streets to demand justice. We also see clearly that there is no justice for Black and Brown people in a society ruled by white supremacy. So we must continue to organize and fight back against these attacks and stand on the side of justice.”

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