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Chicanos and Latinos in Los Angeles say, ‘No Trump wall!’

By Sol Márquez

LA protest against Trump's wall.

Los Angeles, CA – With less than a 24-hour notice, about a dozen Chicanos and Latinos gathered in Los Angeles, January 9, against Trump’s proposed wall. Chanting, “Trump! El burro! No! Al muro!” (Trump the jackass! No to the wall!) and “When I say, ‘Trump,’ you say, ‘No wall!’ Trump! No wall!” the angry protesters gathered at the busy intersection of 4th Street and Soto Street in Boyle Heights. As they walked home, Roosevelt High School students and working-class families greeted the protestors.

“We are here today because we know Trump doesn’t support people like us,” said Noemi Galindo who herself is an immigrant from Mexico. “After today every time I see Trump, I’ll only see a burro!”

Among those gathered were members of Centro Community Service Organization (CSO), Padres Contra La Privatización del Este (Eastside Parents Against Privatization) and Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). The emergency action was called on by the Legalization for All Network (L4A), which Centro CSO is affiliated with. Trump’s push for billions to build a border wall and to further militarize the U.S. border has resulted in a prolonged partial U.S. government shutdown.

“We have been fighting against deportations and against militarization at the border long before Trump,” said longtime Chicano revolutionary Carlos Montes. “We demand legalization for all today, and just as before, we say no Trump wall! Down with Trump!”

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