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Chicago Teachers Union car caravan presses mayor to bargain enforceable safety standards

By staff

CTU President Jesse Sharkey and VP Stacy Davis Gates.

Chicago, IL – More than 100 teachers, parents and community members participated in a car caravan, December 12 for safety, equality and trust. Chicago Public Schools has rejected the union’s safety concerns at every turn, refused to bargain to consensus on safety needs, rejected improving its inhumane remote learning program despite months of pleas from parents, students and educators, and fallen woefully short on safety promises they’ve made.

The caravan traveled to city hall, where caravan members delivered pointed criticisms of CPS’ dangerous plan to accommodate the mayor’s insistence on reopening unsafe buildings to students and school staff starting in early January – even as the pandemic is surging.

The union has been seeking to bargain demands for safety, equity and trust with CPS for months.

Sign on window at CTU car caravan.

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