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Chicago spring awakens the Occupy Movement

By Dee Michel

Chicago Anti Eviction Campaign organizer, JR Fleming, speaking at Occupy Chicago

Chicago, IL – 1000 people took to the streets in an unpermitted march from the Chicago Board of Trade Building at Jackson and LaSalle and over to Grant Park for the April 7 Spring to Action by Occupy Chicago.

People chanted, “We are the 99%!” and “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!” to passersby in Chicago’s downtown Loop.

At Grant Park, there were several workshops around the field, including direct action, political economy and gearing up for NATO’s arrival in Chicago.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson spoke at a workshop on jobs, housing, health and education. With his famous cadence, “Keep hope alive,” Jackson talked about the need for social services and jobs at home as opposed to war abroad. “On May 20, we will occupy for our future!” exclaimed Jackson, referring to the opening day of the NATO protest in Chicago. Jackson urged people to join the march organized by the Coalition Against NATO/G8 War and Poverty Agenda at noon that day.

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