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Chicago protest says ‘No war for the 1%’

By staff

Chicago protest against war on Syria.

Chicago, IL – Chanting, “Bombs won’t bring peace, U.S. Out of the Middle East,” 30 people gathered on a downtown street corner here, Sept. 12, to keep the pressure on the Obama White House. According to Hatem Abudayyeh of the U.S. Palestinian Community Network – Chicago, “Although President Obama said on Tuesday that the U.S. will now take the diplomatic plan developed by Russia, we believe that the U.S. drive to war has not ended, and our response remains the same: No war on Syria.”

The activists, which included the Syrian American Forum and the ANSWER Coalition of Chicago, also hit at the role of the military industrial complex in pushing for war in Syria. Joe Iosbaker of the Anti-War Committee (AWC)-Chicago said, “Who would benefit from this war? Weapons manufacturers like Raytheon, which makes the Tomahawk missile. The value of their stock has soared in recent weeks, because the war could include 200 to 400 of these cruise missiles.”

In recent months, the AWC has campaigned against Chicago’s own weapons manufacturer, the Boeing Company. Iosbaker points out, “The White House is planning to use Boeing's long range bombers to attack Syria. Those bombers will be loaded with “smart bombs”, made by Boeing as well.”

The protest ended with Kait McIntyre of AWC calling for everyone to attend the Midwest regional protest against war on Syria and against drone warfare on Sept. 28 in Chicago.

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