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Chicago protest confronts pro-war Zionist rally

By staff

Counter demonstrators at Chicago pro Israel rally

Chicago, IL – The military bombardment of Gaza by Israel’s military was applauded by 300 supporters of Israel at a rally organized by the Jewish United Fund (JUF) here, Nov. 20. 100 opponents of the war, including activists from Chicago’s Palestinian community and Palestine solidarity activists, held a counter-protest in response.

On the side of the street defending Israel’s aggression – which has resulted in the deaths of 110 Palestinians, mostly civilians – were the liberal Democratic Congresspersons Jan Schakowsky, Danny Davis, Bill Foster and Mike Quigley. Across the street, facing off the pro-war rally, was a high energy and very passionate crowd of mostly young people.

The pro-Israel event was called to reinforce the lies that Israel is the ‘victim’ in the current conflict, and that the Palestinians ‘provoked’ the current fighting. In fact, Israel violated the truce when it assassinated one of the highest ranking leaders in Hamas, the Palestinian liberation group that is the elected government in Gaza. The chants of, “End the Siege of Gaza now,” and “Free, free Palestine,” are conveying the truth: Israel is the aggressor in this conflict, and the Palestinians continue to be occupied.

Hatem Abudayyeh of the United States Palestinian Community Network, said, “We’re calling for an end to violence and war. JUF and the other Zionist organizations and individuals here today are supporting the war. By calling this rally, their message is clear – if you support Israel, you support war and killing.”

Sign at pro Israel rally shows isolation of Zionists

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