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Chicago protest against Greek fascist party Golden Dawn

By staff

Joe Iosbaker speaking at protest against Golden Dawn.

Chicago, IL – More than 60 people gathered at the Greek Consulate here, Jan. 19, in protest of the Greek anti-immigrant group, Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn has carried out violent attacks on immigrants and spouts fascist rhetoric. There were protests in Athens and in other cities around the world as part of a day of solidarity with recent victims of racist attacks in Greece. In Chicago, protesters included immigrant rights activists, Greek Americans and gay activists.

Joe Iosbaker, a Chicago anti-war activist and member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, gave the following speech at the rally:

“I'm one of 23 anti-war activists subpoenaed to a grand jury under suspicion of providing material support for terrorism – and facing 15 years in prison if ever charged and convicted.

For the U.S., the world is changing. The people of the poor nations hate the empire and are getting out from under it. After 911, the rulers here thought they could put U.S. corporations back on top through war, invasion and the slaughter of Arab and Muslim people. But that didn’t work – they are losing one war after another.

Here, then, the rulers promote Islamophobia, with the Tea Party as the anti-immigrant, anti-Arab and Muslim party.

In Greece, the workers have decided to kick over the rich class. What does the Greek ruling class do? They promote racist attacks on immigrants by the Golden Dawn.

More and more in the U.S., we’re seeing that repression comes with reaction. This is what happened during the Cold War, when the socialist camp threatened U.S. imperialism. Here at home they went for the communists. Now, as the nations of the oil rich Middle East challenge them, they are coming after Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. In the course of their War on Muslims and Arabs, they dragged in the 23 anti-war and international solidarity activists, and Carlos Montes in Los Angeles.

People tell me, ‘It’s your ideas that got you into trouble.’ And we agree with them. We were targeted because we didn’t just oppose imperialist wars; we supported the oppressed people resisting war.

Like the Greek workers and immigrants, we have to beat back the attacks and we have to continue our resistance. Tomorrow, we’ll be protesting outside the Hyatt on Wacker Drive because Pat Fitzgerald, the U.S. attorney that sent the FBI to raid our homes, is being honored by John Marshall Law School. Please join us. And on Thursday, we’ll be protesting at UIC on 828 South Wolcott, where Fitzgerald is being honored as well, with an appointment to the Board of Trustees. We’ll be there at 3:30.”

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