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Chicago plans protest against Charleston killings, demands end to racist and police attacks

By staff

Chicago, IL – “Mother Emanuel church in Charleston, South Carolina, is a sacred shrine of the Black liberation movement, but it has been turned into the site of a racist massacre of Black people,” said Frank Chapman of the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.

The Alliance has called for a protest at Federal Plaza, Tuesday, June 23 at 5:00 p.m., to protest the murders of the nine African Americans. The protest will demand action by the government. “If there ever was a clarion call from our history for us to rise up and demand that this government and this nation cease and desist in all its institutionalized racism and genocidal policies against our people, this is it,” Chapman continued.

The white supremacist who carried out the murders, Dylann Storm Roof, is part of a movement and a network of violent racists that exists in this country, and which the U.S. government and white power structure refuses to combat. Roof carried out the attack on a symbolic target, the church where Denmark Vesey’s revolt against slavery had been planned in 1822. The obvious message is to terrorize the Black community and call for a return to a system of open white supremacy.

Therefore, the action in Chicago will raise the demand that the hated Confederate flag be removed from all government buildings.

According to Chapman, “The actions of the murderer are consistent with the gang of cops who lynch-murdered Eric Garner or Chicago cop Dante Servin who shot into a group of Black people and murdered Rekia Boyd. A government which allows cops to murder Black people with impunity cannot escape accountability by apologizing and going into hot pursuit of one racist murderer when you have let Darren Wilson and other racist murderers go because they carried a badge.”

Finally, the protest will demand that Chicago officer Dante Servin be fired and that the U.S. Attorney indict him for murder.

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