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Chicago: Palestinians confront Zionist pro-war rally

By staff

Chicago protest confronts Zionists. | Fight Back! News/staff

Skokie, IL – On October 22, the US Palestinian Community Network (USPCN) and Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression mobilized nearly 500 to counter-protest a racist Zionist rally that was held in “solidarity” with Israel.

The demonstration was met with unprovoked violence and bigotry from the supporters of Israel. Several racist and anti-Palestinian Zionist organizations including the Jewish United Fund, Jewish National Fund, Anti-Defamation League, and several others called the pro-war, pro-genocide rally.

As the counter-protest wrapped up, protesters gathered their belongings and moved to their cars, as they did, they were attacked by several supporters of the pro-Israel rally.

One man fired military-grade pepper spray into the eyes of a crowd of 15 young Arabs, even hitting a cop in the process. Another supporter of Israel attempted to run protesters over with his car; he then pulled a gun and fired into the air in an attempt to run from his would-be victims. Both men were taken into the custody of the Skokie Police Department.

According to a statement by USPCN, “We called for the demonstration today at the ‘Solidarity With Israel’ rally to send a clear message that our people are facing war crimes, starvation, and unrelenting bombing by Israel that must be ended immediately; and we reject the notion that zionists should be able to gather and celebrate U.S.-backed, Israeli genocide in our community while our people are being massacred back home.”

The supporters of Israel showed themselves to be bigoted, violent and scared. The supporters of Palestine were courageous in the face of the violence and attempts at intimidation by the Zionists.

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