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Chicago MLK rally demands end to white supremacy

By Joe Iosbaker

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Chicago, IL – 500 people gathered in Federal Plaza today with a banner reading, “End the Trump era” and “End white supremacy!” Organizers including the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation, and Chicago Democratic Socialists of America. Also joining were SEIU Local 73 and other unions as well as Black, Latino and other organizations.

The protest was called in response to the white supremacist insurrection and attempted coup in DC on January 6. The aim of the racists was to invalidate the votes of hundreds of thousands of Black people in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia and Milwaukee, and Chicanos/Mexicanos in Phoenix. The protest in Chicago demanded the immediate removal of Donald Trump from office and his arrest.

Aislinn Pulley of Black Lives Matter-Chicago spoke about the historic rebellion against police crimes in the summer of 2020. She said about the white supremacists’ revolt, “The reason that happened is because our movement has forced a political crisis. They are responding to our power. They’re fighting to hold on to their dominance.”

Kobi Guillory of FRSO spoke. “My ancestors were brought here in the hull of a slave ship. They resisted, and just like our ancestors, we will continue to fight. Black people, Latinos, immigrants, Palestinians, Filipinos, and everyone who works eight hours a day and then comes home knowing they have been robbed. The police, the racists and the rich can never outnumber us.”

The rally also called for community control of the police and to defund the police.

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