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Chicago: Emergency meeting on repression of the Occupy movement

By staff

Free the NATO 5! Free the Cleveland 5!

Jen Waller and Tom Hintze of Occupy Wall Street

Chicago, IL – Activists from Occupy Chicago, the Chicago Committee Against Political Repression and Hammerhard Media met here, July 9, to discuss the police and FBI attacks on protests here and across the country.

The event featured Jen Waller and Tom Hintze of Occupy Wall Street, who organized a national speaking tour, called “Less Wall, More Street: From Mass Arrests of OWS to Mass Incarceration.” Their purpose is to foster solidarity for people like the NATO 5, victims of an undercover operation by the Chicago Police Department and a trumped up case by the state’s attorney. They also explained how oppressed Black and Latino communities, as well as Arabs and Muslims in the U.S., have been targeted by the state.

As Waller put it, repression “…is an everyday occurrence for people in this country who are criminalized because of their race, national origin, religion, or economic status, and targeted by law enforcement and the legal system.”

Waller and Hintze also updated the people on the case of the Cleveland 5, Occupy activists who had been infiltrated and entrapped by the FBI.

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