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Chicago community groups renew demand for community control of police

By staff

Chicago community groups renew demand for community control of police

Chicago, IL – The Chicago Alliance requested a meeting with Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot regarding the proposal for an all-elected, all-Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) on March 11 on behalf of the 68 community organizations and leaders who support the proposed legislation. They have renewed that request, and demand to know why, as of May 24, she has not acknowledged their request for a meeting.

Over 60,000 people have signed postcards addressed to their aldermen urging passage of this ordinance. In addition, 31 law professors from the University of Chicago and Northwestern University law schools have signed a letter urging the mayor and the city council to pass CPAC.

Meanwhile, throughout the first year of Mayor Lightfoot’s administration, killings by police have continued, with seven people killed by Chicago police: Michael Elam, Sharell Brown, Myles Frazier, Curtis Stagger, Mariano Ocon, Tyree Davis and one name unknown.

Since her election, the mayor has not said anything about fulfilling her pre-election promise to enact community control of the police. Nor has she held a single community hearing on the issue.

“Time is dragging, and police killings and torture continue,” declared Frank Chapman, Co-Chairperson of the Chicago Alliance. “The families of these victims want to know when change will come. Millions are being paid out to victims and survivors of police crimes, but no amount of money can restore the lives of those who’ve been taken or imprisoned through torture and wrongful convictions.”

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