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Che’s daughter Alida Guevara condemns the terrorist war on Syria

By staff

According to a Syrian Arab New Agency December 30 report, Alida Guevara, daughter of Ernesto Che Guevara, condemned the Western-backed terrorist attacks against Syria.

The report states that, during a Friday meeting in Havana with the Syrian Ambassador Ghassan Obaid, Guevara stated, “The terrorist war targeted the Syrian people and distorted their civilization and ancient history, since Syria is a country that resists and rejects all forms of compromise and normalization.”

The report continued, “She noted the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army and reaffirmed her support for the Syrian people in their struggle against the Israeli occupation to liberate the occupied Syrian Arab Golan and her support for the liberation of all occupied Arab territories and the right of return for the Palestinian people and the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

The Syrian ambassador recalled that Che Guevara had visited Syria in 1959.

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