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Central Florida protest at Trump rally

By staff

Tampa, FL – On July 31, over 200 people gathered at the Florida State Fairgrounds to protest against President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rally. Trump’s rally was planned in anticipation of the upcoming local and gubernatorial elections. Trump’s personal pick for the future governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, was invited on stage and received praise from the president.

Despite the large police presence and their efforts to keep protesters outside of the Florida State Fairgrounds, community members from all over central Florida were determined to be present and heard.

“We have to stand up to Trump every chance we get. We have to show the people that his policies and rhetoric do not represent all of us, by turning up in massive numbers to protest whenever we can. I plan on continuing to fight back by pushing for more progressive legislation and candidates locally and nationally,” said Grace Moseley from Saint Petersburg.

There was also a large contingent of Trump supporters who confronted the protesters. They attempted to provoke several people into physical altercations and lobbed offensive language at the crowd. In response the protesters chanted progressive messages such as, “No Trump, no wall, sanctuary for all,” in unison, drowning out the hate speech.

“I came to this protest because I want to advocate for radical change outside of electoral politics. We can’t let people think that elections and the two-party system are the only options apart from fascism. We’re here to represent and show the power of the people when we unite in a common cause,” said Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society member, Chase Smith.

The Trump supporters largely dispersed afterwards, as the protesters’ chants continued.

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