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Campaign for a St. Paul ceasefire resolution grows

By Sarah Martin

 Saint Paul, Minnesota rally demands end to attacks on Gaza. | Fight Back! News/Anne Keirstead

St. Paul, MN – On February 16, 80 Palestine solidarity activists, including Macalester Students for Palestine, who marched from nearby Macalester College, rallied at the weekly Women Against Military Madness Stand with Palestine bannering.

They demanded an end to the Israeli bombing and siege of Rafah, a city on the Egyptian border whose population has grown from 250,000 residents to over 1 million with the influx of refugees who have been forced to flee by the genocidal Israeli bombing and near total destruction of their communities, homes and hospitals.

Community activists also demanded that the Saint Paul city council stop dragging its feet and pass a strong ceasefire resolution. On Wednesday, supporters will once again pack the Saint Paul city council meeting and hold a press conference to show strong support for the immediate passage of a ceasefire resolution.