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Black Is Back Coalition holds webinar on FBI Repression

By staff

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New York City, NY – On Saturday, February 18, the Black Is Back Coalition hosted an all-day webinar, focusing on the FBI’s history of attacking Black and African people as well as radical social justice organizers. Speakers included noted figures including Ward Churchill, Ajamu Baraka and Omali Yeshitela. The conference was also endorsed by groups including Union del Barrio, Friends of the Congo, the Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition, and the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement.

The speeches mostly provided historical context about the role the FBI has played in trying to destroy people’s movements. The panelists also urged the attendees to join with their communities and organizations to help fight back against the FBI’s raids and intimidation, which has recently been targeted toward the African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement.

The conference concluded with a brief workshop, “When the FBI Comes Knocking: Best Practices,” presented by Collin Poirot of the National Lawyers Guild. Poirot explained the best ways to protect your rights if the FBI attempts to visit you at home or tries to question you. Poirot also emphasized the importance of contacting an attorney, alerting the community, raising awareness of FBI intimidation tactics, and refusing to answer questions without a legal representative present.

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