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Baltimore: Protest demands: ‘No U.S., NATO war on Russia and Donbass’

By staff

Protest against U.S. war on Russia

Baltimore, MD – Dozens of protesters gathered on February 5 in downtown Baltimore to speak out against a possible U.S./NATO war on Russia and Donbass. Speakers called on the U.S. government to fight COVID and poverty instead of Russia.

Protesters chanted demands for money for social investments in healthcare, housing and jobs instead of the military budget and war. Cars honked their horns in solidarity as they drove by the picket. A caravan of protesters drove throughout the city after the initial picket, before meeting up with another group for a joint closing rally at a different intersection.

A coalition of local Baltimore organizations called for the protest, including the People’s Power Assembly and Maryland Peace Action. Organizers from Freedom Road Socialist Organization participated in the picket.

The United States has been aggressively posturing for war with Russia. The Biden administration recently deployed 3000 troops to Eastern Europe in an act of hostility toward the people of Russia, Ukraine and Donbass. Meanwhile, thousands of people continue to die from COVID each day in the United States – a country with no universal healthcare program – as public housing and other infrastructure continue to crumble.

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