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Aurora stands in solidarity with Minneapolis on day one of Chauvin trial

By staff

Colorado protest demands justice for George Floyd

Aurora, CO – On, March 8, 45 community members and supporters gathered in front of MLK Library in Aurora for a rally in solidarity with the people of Minneapolis on the first day of Derek Chauvin’s trial. Chauvin is the first of the four Minneapolis killer cops to go on trial for the murder of George Floyd, whose death sparked a nationwide uprising last summer. The rally demanded that Chauvin be convicted for the murder of Floyd. It also called for renewed protests against police brutality.

The rally started with a speech from Shareef Aleem, a longtime Aurora community activist and founder of Aurora Copwatch. “In years past, this wouldn’t have even gone to trial,” stated Aleem, “It just would’ve been the police officer’s word against a dead person’s word, and the police officer’s word would win every time.” Aleem went on to express the importance of filming police brutality, so that the whole world can see the terror that the police impose on Black and other oppressed nationality communities.

The next speech was given by Jessie Crowe of Students for a Democratic Society, who spoke of his experience as a Black student at the University of Colorado and the latent racism of campus police. “The school-to-prison pipeline is a clear and present danger to Black people within educational institutions in America,” said Crowe, who has been targeted by administration and the campus police for speaking out against police brutality.

The rally ended with a call to action to continue to speak out against police crimes and demand justice for George Floyd as Derek Chauvin’s trial continues.

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