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Atlanta stands with Rafah: Emergency protest draws hundreds in solidarity with Palestine

By staff

Large crowd marches down a city street behind banner that reads “Free Palestine, End all U.S. aid to apartheid Israel”.

Atlanta, GA – In a powerful display of solidarity with the people of Palestine, over 400 Atlantans gathered for an emergency protest on February 13 to condemn the recent Israeli bombings in Rafah, which have claimed the lives of approximately 100 Palestinian refugees.

The demonstrators convened in front of the Israeli Consulate, their voices echoing demands for a ceasefire now and Palestinian self-determination. Chants included ”Free Palestine in our lifetime” and “Every time the media lies, a neighborhood in Gaza dies.”

As the protest gained momentum, the crowd’s chants drew the attention of pedestrians and motorists alike on the busy city streets. Most of these onlookers reacted positively to the protest’s message, which supports the findings of the most recent polls that show a majority of Americans want a ceasefire in Palestine.

Speakers at the event passionately denounced the indiscriminate violence perpetuated by the Israeli military. Many speakers were Palestinians who shared their personal heartbreak given the impact of Israel’s actions on their families. They also emphasized the urgent need for international solidarity and collective action to hold Israel accountable for its egregious violations of human rights and international law, as recently affirmed by the ICC.

The protest was organized by Demilitarize Atlanta to Palestine, the Atlanta Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, the Palestinian Youth Movement, and various other Atlanta-based community organizations.

Erica Schneider from the Atlanta Alliance stated, “Here in the U.S. and around the world, those of us who rise up and oppose U.S./Israeli terror are threatened with violence, arrested by police, expelled from school, fired from our jobs,and sometimes even killed. But this kind of intense repression also tells us that we are striking a blow at the center of our common enemy’s power. It means that us gathering out here today is more vital than ever. We must continue to take heart and remain firm in our conviction that Palestine will be free in our lifetime.”

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