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Arlington, TX students march against Trump

By staff

On Jan. 20, the Progressive Student Union at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) held a march against the inauguration of Donald Trump. About 40 students marched across campus chanting slogans and holding signs and a banner, before delivering a written demand to the office of the president of the university.

Progressive Student Union (PSU) President Mark Napieralski began the event with a speech. “We reject Trump, we reject Trump's cabinet, but more than that we reject Trump's agenda. We will defend all of those under attack from Trump, beginning with undocumented people.”

The march began with only about a dozen people, but grew as it traveled around the campus, with students chanting, “We reject Trump and Pence, they only serve the 1%,” and “When Muslims are under attack, what do we do? Fight back!”

The march ended at Davis Hall where a PSU delegation delivered a letter to the president of UTA, demanding that the university be made into a sanctuary campus. PSU says that a number of Texas campuses have already declared themselves sanctuary campuses, and, since UT Arlington claims to have a strong stance in favor of diversity, it must prove its real commitment to diversity by joining those campuses. While the president was not there, the letter was delivered and the administration was notified that PSU would expect a response within the week before persuing further action.

PSU members say this is the beginning of its struggle against the Trump presidency and there is much more to come.

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