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Arlington, TX: Second Turning Point USA bigot forced out of student government

By staff

Arlington, TX – On April 5, the second student government bigot, a member of the conservative group Turning Point USA, had their impeachment trial in the student senate. Alyssa Spencer, now ex-chief of staff, faced similar charges to Caitlyn Burge-Surliest in being unable to perform her duty as an executive officer of student government due to her bigoted views alongside her poor performance as a chief of staff.

One of the key aspects in impeachment manager Jacqueline Avila’s case was that Alyssa Spencer had waited an entire month to post a very necessary document needed for student senators to perform their duties in order to remain student senators.

Furthermore, Spencer’s comments on George Floyd’s death, celebrating the destruction of his mural, and blaming chattel slavery in America on Africans in Africa continued to highlight the bigoted and anti-Black nature of her views.

Like also impeached Caitlyn Burge-Surles, Alyssa Spencer took no responsibility or accountability for her comments. At one point during the impeachment, Spencer claimed that George Floyd was being “worshiped like a God” and that she did not believe a “criminal like him” should be held in such a light. She refused to answer a question a senator posed to her regarding George Floyd being a victim of a murder, when Spencer attempted to claim she had sympathy for those murdered during the George Floyd uprising. In her closing argument, she stated “conservative Christians know the truth” on the matters she was speaking.

Several senators, themselves Christians, found incredible offense in this messaging – and fought back against the insinuation that it was her Christian beliefs that were on trial. She was found guilty unanimously of the charges, all 21 senators at this hearing agreeing she should be impeached.

A second great victory for the student movement in making sure that bigotry has no room to breathe or fester on campus, especially in student government.

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