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Appleton, WI: Outagamie County residents demand accountability from transphobic county board member

By staff

Jay Gibbs, a member of FRSO, speaks to a crowd rallying outside the Outagamie Co

Appleton, WI – On May 16, a dozen community members gathered outside the Outagamie County Government Center in Appleton on short notice. Their purpose? To demand accountability from County Board Member Tim Hermes, who recently made transphobic comments during a May 9 county board meeting. When confronted about the comments, Hermes deflected by saying he was “simply asking questions.”

The reality is that Hermes is an anti-trans, anti-gay, racist conspiracy theorist, at least based on his personal Facebook profile. The people of Appleton and surrounding communities in the county are taking it upon themselves to demand action from the county board.

The demonstrators, representing a diverse cross-section of Appleton's population, were armed with a shared belief in standing up against hate and discrimination. Community members in Appleton were angered when they learned of the comments. The fact that this kind of person is sitting on a governing board is intolerable.

“We're not going to stand for transphobic hate in Appleton, Lawrence, anywhere,” said Audari Tamayo, a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Appleton Students for a Democratic Society.

The demonstrators have vowed to maintain their protest, refusing to let Hermes' harmful remarks go unchecked. Their immediate demand is for the county board to take decisive action against Hermes, sending a clear message that hate speech has no place in public office. They are adamant that such conduct should be met with swift and appropriate consequences, as it undermines the principles of equality and respect.

Looking ahead, another rally is organized and there is a plan to attend the next county board meeting on May 23. This gathering will serve as a powerful collective voice of Appleton, demanding accountability, and urging the county board to address the situation with the gravity it deserves. By bringing attention to Hermes's social media activity, they hope to shed light on the pervasive nature of discrimination and bigotry, emphasizing the need for proactive measures.

By holding their elected representatives accountable, the people of Outagamie County are not only demanding justice for themselves but also creating a safer and more inclusive environment for future generations.

People rally for trans rights outside the Outagamie County Government Center in

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