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Appeal of decision to deny permits for ‘Stop Trump’ march set for July 11, at Cleveland City Hall

By staff

Cleveland, OH – Organizers of the ‘Stop Trump’ protest set for July 18, the opening day of the Republican National Convention, will be attending a meeting to appeal the City of Cleveland’s decision to deny permits for a rally and march.

The appeal meeting, which will be attended by Director Michael McGrath, Department of Public Safety-Safety Administration, is scheduled for 11 a.m., July 11, at City Hall.

Mick Kelly, of the Coalition to Stop Trump and March on RNC states, “A major march against Trump will take place in a little more than a week, and we hope that City is going to come through with the permits. We have a right to rally and protest at the RNC July 18. It’s time for the city to come to terms with that.”

On July 1, the City rejected the permit applications. The City was notified of the appeal July 5.

Tom Burke, also of the Coalition states, “Trade unionists, immigrant rights activists, students are others are coming to Cleveland July 18 to say ‘no’ to the Republicans’ agenda of racist attacks, greed, and austerity. The Republicans have had plenty of time to organize their event. We need permits on Monday so we have a least a week to organize rally and march.”

About 40 organizations are backing the large protest organized the Coalition to Stop Trump and March on the RNC that will take place on July 18, the first day of the Republican National Convention. The protest will put forward the slogans, “Dump Trump, Say No to the Republican Agenda. Stand against Racist, Anti-immigrant and Anti-Muslim Attacks. We Demand Peace, Justice and Equality.”

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