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Anti-war leader denounces the U.S./Turkey attempts to create ‘no fly zone’ in Syria

By staff

_Turkey redoubles war on Syria, Kurds and the left _

Chicago, IL – Chicago-based anti-war leader Joe Iosbaker is speaking out against the latest U.S./Turkey attacks on Syria and the Kurds. “What does it mean that the U.S. and its NATO junior partner, Turkey, are creating a ‘Safe Zone’ along the Turkey-Syria border? The first result is that dozens of Turkish fighter planes are engaging in attacks against the Kurdistan Workers Party in Syria as well as in Iraq. In Turkey, they’re cracking down on Kurds and the left, with hundreds of arrests.”

“And what of U.S. aims in Syria with this so-called Safe Zone? U.S. air strikes against the ‘Islamic State’ will increase, no doubt. They’ll drive them out of this area, and then turn it over to a more compliant puppet army,” continued Iosbaker.

Speaking on the aims of this widening war, Iosbaker stated, “The real purpose to the U.S. attacks on the so called Islamic State is the overthrow of the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. The plan for this Safe Zone is to turn it into the first ‘No Fly Zone’ over Syria. No Fly Zones are a tool in the imperialist arsenal, as we saw when the U.S. and NATO imposed the No Fly Zone on Libya in 2011. U.S. objectives haven’t changed in the Middle East: it wants to impose the Wall Street agenda on the people there.”

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