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Anaheim rallies for Palestinian resistance

By Diana Terreros

Anaheim, CA – On Sunday, October 8, chants of “When people are occupied, resistance is justified!” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” filled the streets of Anaheim as over 200 people gathered along a busy street. The people rallied in support of the recent Al-Aqsa Flood operation by the Palestinian resistance against Zionist occupation.

Celine Qussiny from Palestinian Youth Movement explained that Palestinians have a right to resist and respond to the ongoing Zionist attacks and occupation. “This escalation is a direct response to 75 years of ongoing Nakba and ethnic cleansing. The Zionist entity bears full responsibility for this escalation.” She ended her speech with “the struggle for Palestinian liberation continues and will continue until the complete liberation and return of our people!”

President Joe Biden has called the operation a terrorist assault and has stated that the U.S. is “ready to offer all appropriate means of support to the government and people of Israel.”

In response to these accusations of terrorism, John Nonato from Anakbayan University of California, Irvine and Bayan Southern California, stated: “We understand that it’s the U.S. imperialists that are the number one terrorists. The U.S. imperialists funding the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces], the occupation forces that are also training the armed forces in the Philippines to suppress our people. We have a right to resist – it is not terrorism.”

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