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Anaheim demands justice for Abigail Lopez

By Emma Gottfried

Anaheim, California protest demands justice for Abigail Lopez.  | Fight Back! News/staff

Anaheim, CA – Chants of “Anaheim PD has blood on their hands!” filled the streets of Anaheim on Wednesday, December 6, as over 30 family members and community members rallied in front of the Anaheim Police Department. They spoke on the tragic murder of Abigail Lopez by Anaheim PD.

Rain Mendoza, the rally emcee and member of Orange County CSO, recounted the event, stating, “On October 29, Anaheim PD gunned down Abigail Lopez and murdered her in cold blood. She was 20 years old. These cops kill us with impunity, and we get no justice. They are never held accountable for their crimes against the people!”

The officers shot Abigail Lopez for allegedly holding a BB gun. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she died from the shooting. Both the California Attorney General Rob Bonta and Anaheim PD have announced that they are investigating the shooting. The names of the responsible officers and the body cam footage has not been released.

The rally, organized by Orange County CSO and Abigail Lopez’s family, continued with powerful words from Abigail’s mother, Mary Carmen Lopez, as she looked up at a police drone that flew overhead for the duration of the rally. “It doesn’t seem fair to me that the days pass and she’s not here with me and I’m asking for justice! The cops were wrong for shooting a 20-year-old girl. Justice please!”

The killing of Abigail Lopez happened only a couple weeks after Anaheim PD killed 29-year-old Luis Muñoz on October 3 at a gas station. Anaheim PD has taken many lives over the years, including that of Brandon Lopez in 2021, Fermin Vincent Valenzuela in 2016, and Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo who were killed back to back by Anaheim PD in July 2012.

Diana Terreros, a founding member of Orange County CSO, stated, “This is a tragedy that no family should have to endure, however it is a very common occurrence. Anaheim PD regularly kills people, and this happens all over the country but particularly to Chicanos, African Americans and other oppressed nationalities. The police take up so much of the city budget to supposedly protect and serve but all they really provide to our communities is terror and death. This has to stop, and we need to take power from them and put it in the people’s hands.”

Protesters then moved from the police station to a busy intersection where cars driving by honked in support of strong chants of “Justice for Abigail Lopez!” and the family’s demand to jail the killer cops who are responsible. Mary Carmen Lopez plans to continue protesting and fighting for justice for her daughter in the future.

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