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Alex Saab pleads “Not guilty!”

By Cassia Laham

Miami rally demands freedom for Alex Saab.

Miami, FL – Protesters gathered outside the Miami Federal Courthouse in on Monday, November 15 to protest the U.S. government’s illegal kidnapping and imprisonment of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab. Saab is being held in a federal detention center in Miami.

At Saab’s arraignment he pled, “Not guilty!” to the single charge of “conspiracy to commit money laundering” being levied against him by prosecutors. The six other charges were dropped at Saab’s last court appearance.

While the arraignment proceeded inside the courthouse, ten protesters outside held a large banner and chanted, “Free Alex Saab!”

The spirited protest in Miami was one of dozens held across the country, in solidarity with Alex Saab and Venezuela. Thousands of people took to the streets that day, from Miami to New York, Vancouver to Chicago. In Caracas, thousands of motorists rallied in his support and to defend their country’s sovereignty. Only one week ago, hundreds lined up to receive copies of a book of letters written by Saab himself.

Inside the courtroom, Saab was hauled in front of a judge chained at his legs. This comes after weeks of detention in the United States and months behind bars in the island nation of Cape Verde. Sadly, this is not an unusual move by the American government, as the United States is used to playing global policeman. In fact, the United States has made a habit of throwing bogus charges at any who dare resist its attempts at global empire.

People Opposed to War, Imperialism, and Racism (POWIR) in Miami is joining many other groups in pledging their support for Alex Saab and Venezuelan sovereignty. POWIR opposes the Biden administration’s continuing economic war of U.S. sanctions on the people of Venezuela.

One of the national groups in the coalition supporting Saab is the Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR). The CSFR plans to protest outside the upcoming trial and will demand to be let in the Miami courtroom. CSFR is calling upon activists from across the country to join them in Miami during the trial.

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