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Alabama Marches for Gaza

By Chapin Gray

Photo of students marching in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Tuscaloosa, AL – “Gaza Gaza Don't You Cry – Palestine Will Never Die!” Chants for Palestine rang throughout downtown Tuscaloosa Wednesday during lunch hour.

Dozens of protesters marched from City Hall to the Federal Building to demand the siege on Gaza be lifted. Outside the Federal Building, protesters requested that Representative Artur Davis come outside to listen to their demands.

“The U.S. government is complicit in the Israeli massacre of over one thousand Palestinian men, woman, and children because it hands over billions of dollars to Israeli every year,” said Alex Perry of the Tuscaloosa chapter of Students for a Democratic Society. “The U.S. nods its head towards Israel and gives its full backing to the atrocities committed there. We want support for Israel to end, so that there can be justice for Palestine.”

Wednesday marked day 17 of the Israeli attack on Gaza. Protests for Gaza were also held on the past weekend in Huntsville and Birmingham, with hundreds in attendance.

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