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Afghan resistance responds to Obama’s plan to reduce number of troops occupying Afghanistan

By staff

In response to President Obama’s Feb. 12 announcement in his State of the Union address that about 34,000 troops will be pulled out of Afghanistan, the Afghan resistance responded on Feb. 13 saying that all foreign troops must leave the country.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, often referred to as the Taliban, stated, “Now the time has come for the American president Obama and other head of states of invading countries to understand the realities of this futile war and instead of tactical efforts, troop reductions and gradual withdrawals, focus on the conditions, calls and needs of its own people and immediately extract all its troops from our country.”

In recent years the U.S. and its NATO partners have faced numerous setbacks in Afghanistan.

Large portions of Afghanistan are outside the control of the foreign-dominated government headquartered in Kabul. While the U.S. has spent billions to buy legitimacy for the corrupt puppet government headed by Hamid Karzai – as it represents foreign powers, ignores the needs of the Afghan people and engages in torture as a matter of policy – that regime never gained popular support.

A rising tide of ‘green on blue’ attacks, where patriotic Afghanis who are members of the government’s military or police go up against occupation troops, have made practical cooperation between U.S./NATO and the puppet troops difficult to impossible.

Given this situation, there is now a debate in the White House and Pentagon about how to deal with the growing defeat.

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