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4000 in Minneapolis protest killings of over 200 Palestinians

By staff

Huge Minneapolis march for Palestine.

Minneapolis, MN – On May 22, 4000 people gathered at Bryant Square Park in South Minneapolis to protest the recent escalation in attacks on Gaza and the West Bank. The protesters then marched through the Uptown neighborhood and took major intersections to get visibility for the rights of Palestinians.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been under siege for close to 15 years, and again, they are facing a criminal attack from the Israeli government and military. At least 231 Palestinians, including 65 children, have been killed there in the past two weeks, when Israel began its missile bombardment of the Strip. Palestinian health officials say 1900 Palestinians have been wounded. Over 1300 housing units have been completely demolished or severely damaged. Even though Israel has publicly announced a ceasefire, the international community doesn’t know if it will hold. Additionally, there has been no plan stated publicly for rebuilding the schools, hospitals and a COVID testing facility that were demolished, or for providing for the physical or mental health of the people in Gaza.

Speakers addressed the crowd from American Muslims for Palestine, Anti-War Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace, Visual Black Justice, Justice for George, Students for Justice for Palestine, If Not Now and the Council on American Islamic Community Relations.

The community march was organized by American Muslims for Palestine, Anti-War Committee, If Not Now, and Jewish Voice for Peace. The action was one of many that took place throughout the U.S. in New York, Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Portland and internationally in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, South Africa and Pakistan.

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