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3rd Angelversary of David Ordaz Jr Rally at East LA Sheriff’s Station

By staff

A young person wearing a black hoodie holds up a sign that says "Fuck the banditos" and a drawing of a skeleton wearing a sombrero and holding a gun.

East Los Angeles, CA – On March 23, 50 people gathered at the East LA Sheriff Station to demand justice for David Ordaz Jr. and commemorate his three-year angelversary. On March 14, 2021, Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies killed Ordaz outside his family home after his family called 911 to request support for him while he was experiencing a mental health crisis.

One deputy, Remin Pineda, is facing two charges related to the killing – assault with a semiautomatic firearm and assault under color of authority. The three other deputies involved – Edwin Navarette, Jaime Moreno and Nathaniel Trujillo – were cleared and continue to patrol East LA.

Organized by the Ordaz family with the support of Centro CSO, the event united community supporters and impacted families who came out in the rain to remember Ordaz Jr. and demand sheriff accountability.

“We want to be able to decide what happens to killer cops,” said Sol Marquez of Centro CSO, who helped facilitate the event. “That is why we demand community control.”

The surviving families of Adrian Rios, Anthony Vargas and Frederick Holder – all victims of LASD – as well as those of Cesar Rodriguez and Alex Flores shared their condolences and solidarity with the Ordaz family. The speakers denounced the sheriff's department for murdering people with impunity and being the home to deputy gangs that terrorize Black and Chicano communities.

Stephanie Luna, the aunt of Anthony Daniel Vargas, who was killed by Banditos from the East LA station in 2018, explained, “Sheriff’s deputies go to your home and harass you. They go after families who speak out. Where do you go when cops are after you? We’ve been fighting for six years. This is a fight we are going to be in for the rest of our life.”

After speeches from impacted families, the crowd broke through a layer of caution tape and walked closer to the Sheriff’s Station where three squad cars and multiple Sheriff Deputies were blocking the entrance. The Sheriffs announced an unlawful assembly and threatened arrests with children present.

Chants of “Who killed David? LASD!” and “What does killer cops mean? We got to fight back!” rang loud around the park through the rain.

Speakers pointed out how LASD’s heavy response to a peaceful protest demonstrated the department’s priorities and its waste of public resources. Since their loved one’s death, the Ordaz family has continuously called attention to the need to better fund mental health support rather than law enforcement.

In October 2023, Deputy Pineda was set to accept a plea deal that would have allowed him to avoid jail time for his killing of Ordaz Jr. After hearing the passionate explanations from the Ordaz family about the impact of Ordaz Jr.’s murder, Judge Michael Pastor rejected the deal as being too lenient. In the coming months, Deputy Pineda will return to court with the possibility of being sentenced to jail.

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