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33-year old man shot and killed by Milwaukee police

By staff

Milwaukee, WI – On the evening of August 26, a 33-year-old man was observed driving erratically going northbound near the Sherman Park neighborhood on Milwaukee’s Northside. Milwaukee police responded to calls and immediately engaged in a high-speed chase. The car pursuit ended when the man crashed his vehicle and attempted to escape on foot. Officers continued after him, also on foot.

In a press conference after the shooting, a MPD spokesperson claimed that the victim was in possession of a gun. He did not specify whether the victim shot or even aimed the gun, but that he did not drop it when instructed to do so. Sometime afterward, the police who had pursued him fired their own weapons, striking the man an as-of-yet unknown number of times. He was transferred to an area hospital where he later died from the gunshot wounds.

Those who gathered around the crime scene say that there was another person shot, a 15-year-old, but nothing was mentioned of this possible second victim in the press conference conducted by the MPD.

This would mark the third (and possibly fourth) murder at the hands of Milwaukee police this summer alone. They shot and killed Roberto Zielinski on Memorial Day weekend, then on August 16 they shot and killed Brodrick Shelton, and now this unnamed 33-year-old man ten days later.

This is an emerging story and Fight Back! will have more coverage as details are released.

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