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100,000 march in Moscow against fascist coup in Ukraine

By Joe Iosbaker

Massive march in Moscow. Front banner reads, "One Year Since Maidan: We Won't Fo

Moscow – On an unseasonably warm weekend, 100,000 Russians marched Feb. 21 on the anniversary of the coup in Kiev last year.

The marchers represented many political parties, veterans groups and anti-war organizations. Three activists from the U.S., including Oscar Hernandez-Santoyo, an immigrant rights activist with Youth Empowered in the Struggle of Milwaukee, and Tom Michalak of Detroit Fight Imperialism, Stand Together, joined the protest as guests of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia (AGM). AGM’s website stated, “Feb. 21 in all cities of Russia will be held Anti-Maidan rallies, marches, caravans and other actions in support of resistance to U.S. imperialism, to mark the anniversary of the coup in Ukraine.”

This is the largest protest anywhere opposing the U.S.-funded, fascist-led coup. One year ago, the government of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine was overthrown by violence, largely led by the Nazi-inspired Right Sector and Svoboda Party. The movement they spearheaded started on Kiev's central Independence Square, also known as the Maidan.

The new U.S./NATO puppet government in Kiev has launched a war against the people of the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine. Two republics in Donbass voted overwhelmingly to break away from Kiev after the fascist and hard right seizure of power. The Ukrainian armed forces launched an assault on the rebellious area. The military action is also largely led by fascist dominated militias created by the Kiev government.

This new war is taking place on Russia’s border, causing great fear among people here. In World War II, Russians experienced the greatest loss of life by any country in history at the hands of the fascist armies, including the Ukrainian army led by the hero of today’s Ukrainian nationalists, Stepan Bandera.

The anti-war activists from the U.S. came to Moscow to oppose the U.S./NATO inspired war, to express support for the great, anti-fascist struggle in Donbass, and in opposition to the efforts by the West to threaten Russia.

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