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10,000-plus march against police crimes in Jacksonville FL

By Sarah Mahmoud

Huge protest against police crime in Jacksonville, FL.

Jacksonville, FL – On Saturday, June 6, over 10,000 residents of Jacksonville came out to an historic march hosted by the Jacksonville Community Action Committee. This march came a week after 3500 people gathered on the headquarters of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) to demand: Release of body camera footage being held hostage by JSO; an end to excessive force, by instituting community control via a Civilian Police Accountability Council; and transparency in testing and reporting of COVID-19 for those in JSO custody.

With the June 6 march being the largest civil rights demonstration in the city’s history, people from all walks of life united now to demand State Attorney Melissa Nelson: Drop the charges on protesters arrested after taking action to end Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office brutality; prosecute and convict killer cops; and stand up to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office’s bullying – force them to release the body camera footage.

The march wrapped several city blocks, with chants of “No new JSO,” and “No justice, no peace, no racist police,” echoing through the streets before stopping by State Attorney Nelson’s office to elevate the demands. Within the last week, Jacksonville has shown a capacity for direct action that has not been previously awakened, with events being organized almost daily in virtually every corner of the city, by students, workers and clergy members.

Follow the Jacksonville Community Action Committee by looking for @JaxTakesAction on all social media to stay updated with the ongoing people’s struggle in Jacksonville!

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