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1 million-plus join Women’s March on Washington DC

By Michela

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Hundreds of thousands of women and supporters gathered in DC, Jan. 21, to stand up to Trump’s agenda and march throughout the city. The protest was set for the day after Donald Trump was sworn as the 46th president. The organizers of the protest wanted to promote unity of all movements against bigotry and hate.

While some newspapers estimated the number between 400,000 and 600,000 attendees, the numbers soon swelled to go well past a million people. There were more in attendance to support women’s rights than the numbers attending Trump’s inauguration.

The Women’s March on Washington was one of hundreds of Women’s March events happening throughout the country – from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York.

Steff Yorek, of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, who attended the rally and march said, “This march is a great event. It represents women going out and opposing Trump’s agenda from day one. And based on today, we know there’s a commitment to continue that fight.”

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